1H 2019 Business Services M&A Report

Within infrastructure spending, the Traffic Services Industry is one of the most significant areas where technological innovation is changing the game. By this point, nearly all consumers are aware of the disruptive impact that ride sharing applications have had on the Transportation Industry, the increasing hype for smart cities, and the buzz around the future of autonomous vehicles. However, most consumers are relatively unaware of the ways that technology is rapidly changing how service providers to our nation’s roads and highways deliver their work and how governing authorities are leveraging new methods of data collection to manage traffic patterns and their transportation assets. The flow of vehicular traffic across our nation’s thoroughfares is only beginning to be understood at a granular level. For decades, government planners have worked alongside traffic engineers in an effort to answer questions around the most common routes that people take to/from work, how the congestion in one part of town impacts travel patterns in an adjacent area an hour later, and how road & highway improvements will impact macro-traffic patterns. However, only recently are new technologies allowing these questions to be addressed in more real-time situations, in more detail, and with more precise conclusions.

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