1H 2019 Technology M&A Report

In this edition of SDR’s Technology report, we interviewed the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of NuView Analytics (and former investment banker), Anthony Wong. At NuView, Anthony and his team leverage the latest technology tools to help middle-market companies create actionable insights from their data. SDR has partnered with NuView to enhance the marketing of its clients to investors in cases where the client has significant untapped data that can demonstrate key attributes, such as market penetration, performance during business cycles, reoccurring revenue patterns, etc.

Q: How are you most often seeing smart middle-market companies leverage their data to increase Enterprise Value in the eyes of potential investors/acquirers?

A: Where we see companies find the most success in creating tangible enterprise value is by leveraging their data to create efficiencies in their operations that result in increased EBITDA (i.e. decreasing costs or increasing productivity). Of course, smart middle-market companies have access to timely insights beyond their monthly financial results that allow them to identify the inefficiencies in their businesses. We usually see the marketing and sales departments rise to the top of the list due to the large amounts of data those departments collect. Whether it’s identifying marketing channels that contribute to low conversion rates or cultivating actionable leads that are most likely to close for sales, many data-driven insights can create real leverage points for sales and marketing. For technology and software companies where retention is a key driver of enterprise value, we find the most impactful data solutions are customer churn models that utilize historical data from customers’ tenure to predict future churn for cohorts.

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