1H 2020 Technology M&A Report

If there’s a sector at the center of our new COVID-19 reality, it’s technology. Social distancing and lockdowns met online payments, video conferencing, working from home, and distance learning. From end to end, technology is the new office furniture and schoolhouse. And while necessity forces innovation today, the pandemic is perhaps changing how we will conduct our daily lives even after the world returns to whatever becomes normal. Venture capital and M&A activity may have slowed across some sectors during this economic disruption, but we continued to see deals done in the tech sector at volumes consistent with before the pandemic. And moving forward, we expect even investors who may have steered away from what could have been perceived as mature verticals to show renewed interest as we uncover new consumer demands creating perhaps some unanticipated opportunities.


One key sector we believe may benefit is financial technology (fintech). The pandemic has accelerated demand for fintech across virtually every platform. Online payments, financial advising, insurance, and banking will see new pressures to advance and improve. Consumers who become used to e-commerce today may never return to brick and mortar retail and merchants are turning to B2B online platforms for procurement…

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