1H 2022 Agribusiness M&A Report

Looking back on the first half of 2022 there were many forces tugging at the Agribusiness Industry, but they all boil down to a common theme of input costs and market rewards. Whether those forces were working for or against the business of producing food for the world depends on where you stand. But wherever we see a flux, we see an opportunity to engage and maximize value. Producers were inundated in 1H22 by rising fuel, fertilizer and input prices, drought, and disease. However, supply pressure on the commodities market offers a ray of hope as grain and other commodity prices rise. And as the federal Farm Bill is up for renewal, a tug of war looms between ethanol producers and food production, and some in the government eye both a moratorium on mergers and acquisitions and potentially an entirely new branch of government to regulate food safety. Those considering deals in the Agribusiness Industry walked a gauntlet of uncertainty. If ever there were an industry with more moving parts than a game of Tetris, Agribusiness in 2022 is it. Keeping track is not an option this year when considering any merger and acquisition activities…

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