2H 2019 Technology M&A Report

When thinking about technology and business opportunities in the tech sector, it’s easy to imagine the next breakout from Silicon Valley or to picture Bill Hewlett and David Packard tinkering in their professor’s garage. But in reality, tech today impacts everyday life – and presents opportunities for business growth and innovation – all around us in the cities where we live and commute. Increasingly overwhelmed cities, states and countries, mired in traffic congestion, are turning to technology. The booming field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (also called Intelligent Traffic Systems), is key to improving the efficient movement of people and goods around the world.


The ITS sector touches everything drivers depend on as they navigate increasingly crowded roads. Think about the systems that coordinate traffic signals to combat backups and stop-and-go driving. Consider road sensors that gauge and report traffic speeds and identify congestion in real time. Traffic cameras alert emergency services to accidents while sonic sensors change traffic signals to allow rescue vehicles to speed to the scene. Look at Variable Message Signage (VMS) that warns of traffic hazards or guides motorists out of evacuation areas. ITS identifies malfunctioning traffic signals automatically, resets out-of-sync intersections, and has revolutionized toll road management. As technology evolves, traffic engineers can ping individual cell phones inside cars and use artificial intelligence to adjust signal timing for driver behaviors and react to emerging traffic patterns…

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