2H 2021 Agribusiness M&A Report

Amid the turmoil of a global pandemic, international tensions, and political discord in 2021, the Agribusiness sector continued to innovate and progress, leaving us optimistic as we look to 2022 and beyond. In the past year we saw real, tangible progress in soil carbon sequestration incentives, advances in agricultural technology, and major advancements in fully autonomous farm machinery operation. M&A activity demonstrated an accelerating move into all things tech, imagining a maximally efficient supply chain, progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and autonomous equipment that allows farmers to tend vast operations from a phone app. Despite nagging supply chain woes and difficulties obtaining everything from ag chemicals to replacements parts and a trucking and transport snarl that hampered efforts to bring crops to market, M&A activity in the sector reflected a progressive view of modern farming, with deals that hint at a shift to more efficient farm management partnerships…

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