While Activity Spiked in 2014, 2015 Numbers Were Still Strong

In a recent Forbes article, Contributor Todd Ganos recaps 2015 middle-market M&A activity and compares the data to historical figures. While year-over-year middle-market activity dropped 20% from 2014, 2015 was actually still in line with other recent years.

When taking a closer look, Ganos cites granular data from SDR Ventures on price multiples that indicate that “overall middle-market M&A activity in 2015 saw an average price multiple of roughly 14.51 times EBITDA, with companies in the $51 million to $100 million value range trading at the highest average multiple, 17.33 times.” However, multiples did decrease quickly as values went up.

While mega-deals and larger middle-market deals gained headlines in 2015, the article again cites SDR’s findings that show that companies with values below $100 million actually made up 87% of all middle-market deal volume and 56% of middle-market transaction value. This competitive seller’s market likely helped push multiples to their high levels. Ganos points out a key takeaway: the transaction multiple that a company may achieve via M&A can’t just be determined based on industry averages; the revenue range of the firm must be factored in as well.

In all, Ganos summarizes middle-market M&A activity in 2015 as “pretty good.” When looking to 2016, he wonders what another hike in interest rates may mean for the deal environment.

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