Thanks again to those that participated in the survey and contributed to the production of meaningful results.

Blame Game

Internally, our office was split as to how the poll results would fall.  In reality, the poll results leave little question as to the sentiment of our clients.  Nearly 77% of the respondents believe that regulatory decisions and political uncertainty in Washington are hurting the growth of business.


Q3 2011 Theme – “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Private business has been holding its collective breath for the past five years.  Companies fortunate enough to be strongly positioned in 2007 took one last breath of air prior to the credit crisis in 2008.  Four years, an economic recession, and widespread international financial and social upheaval later these business owners are still holding their collective breath.  With the promise of “change” and the delivery of “obstruction” politicians are effectively holding private business underwater and taunting to not let up until after next November’s election.

Q3 2011 - Political Poll Results

Private business owners have played victim long enough.  Now is the time for the strong-willed to provide the leadership necessary to push business, and by extension, the economy in the right direction.  Clearly few business owners like the risks presented by the U.S. government; perhaps the risk of hiring a new employee and collectively affecting economic change  is more palatable.