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Driven by consumer trends toward healthier foods, the produce industry has performed very well in recent years. Consumer demand for convenience and healthy snack products has led many companies in the industry to evolve beyond a strictly commodity-driven business model to a branded, consumer-focused approach.

SDR’s Winter 2017-2018 Produce Report explores these trends and more. The report provides a detailed analysis of key transactions and an outline of common acquisition strategies being deployed in the produce industry. It also includes a performance analysis of public companies participating in the industry and a data-driven analysis of M&A and private placement activity over the past several years.

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The fresh produce food category in the U.S. and Canada has performed very well in recent years, both in terms of production volume and sales growth. One only needs to take a walk around the perimeter at any high-end retailer, at any time during the year, to observe the importance of the category.

Consumers ultimately drive the growth or decline of any food category; however, the level of innovation in packaging for convenience and versatility, coupled with relentless attention to freshness and quality throughout the entire supply chain, have been key factors contributing to the produce category’s success. While it has been years in the making, much of the industry seems to evolving beyond a strictly commodity-driven business model to a branded, value-added, market-driven, consumer-focused approach. Industry participants are effectively capitalizing on the natural advantages of fruits and vegetables as consumers shift to healthier eating choices.

According to the industry magazine, The Packer, 68% of consumers are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables than they were five years ago. A recent survey by Nielsen Perishables Group indicated that more than half of all consumers say quality is more important than price and will pay more for healthier choices…

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