In a recent New York Times op-ed by columnist Thomas Friedman, the author suggests that if Americans, and its politicians in particular, don’t shape up and get serious about finding real solutions, our nation might simply limp on into the future.

According to Friedman, members of both parties in Washington have some reforming to do. He points with specific poignancy at the Republican Party with which he has so often sided. He laments that if the GOP doesn’t escape from the extreme anti-tax tea party contingent, no real progress will be made.

On the other side of the coin, Friedman seems to hold no real hope that the current administration will offer a solution centrist enough to attract independents and force the GOP to compromise. Both parties seem so entrenched in the wings of their own party that the only thing they ever seem to do is campaign, never getting any real work done.

In Friedman’s opinion, drastic compromises need to be made on both sides. Real conservatives need to shed the vehement resistance to any tax increases and focus on investment in America’s future through things like education and infrastructure. While liberals need to face up to entitlement spending and be willing to make long term cuts to Medicare and Social Security, working to control an out of control budget.

Friedman asks if we’re going to roll up our sleeves and get to work, or whether we’ll simply limp on as we are. Read the entire article at: