On Monday August 9, SDR Ventures hosted a seminar titled “What’s Your Number?” focusing on the relationship between personal retirement and building company value.

The seminar, hosted by SDR Principal, Chris Bouck, was presented to members of the Colorado chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). SDR Ventures is a proud supporter of the organization.

The seminar began with a look at key drivers for entrepreneurs in building their business. “Why am I in business?” and  “What are my ultimate goals?” were some of the questions explored.

The presenters then led participants into a discussion on “your personal number,” a number that determines retirement goals. Inflation, expenses and a list of other considerations were built into the analysis.  A sample calculator is available for reference on SDR’s website

The seminar then turned to business valuation and its critical relationship to an entrepreneur’s long-term financial goals and personal retirement number. Attendees of the seminar were given an outline of tangible steps to improve company value.

Other keys toward business valuation, positioning a company to sell and current condition of the M&A market were also discussed. For further information or questions about the seminar, please contact SDR Ventures at 720.221.9220.