FoodBytes! by Rabobank recently hosted an event at the University of Colorado in Boulder. SDR attended the event, which presented a variety of key themes involving global food and the agribusiness industry.

Rabobank is a premier bank that addresses challenges caused by increased demand for food, changing consumer preferences and the need for sustainable food production. FoodBytes! was created in order to promote the use of resources in a sustainable manner and provide opportunities to increase the availability and access of food, encourage balanced nutrition and increase food stability. FoodBytes! supports an ecosystem of unique business models that are designed to drive innovative solutions. The SDR team was impressed by the emerging food technologies and brands presented at the event. Out of the many key themes presented, one of the most compelling topics was food waste.

FoodBytes! BoulderCompanies like Mad Agriculture (, which cultivates animal feed on composted food waste or Regrained (, which uses beer grain waste from the brewing process for baked goods, are finding ways to productively recycle waste and reuse food. These types of startups have identified low cost agricultural and food processing inputs that could positively impact food supply issues.

Other companies that presented, like The Honest Stand (, have found innovative ways to provide people with dietary restrictions access to their favorite foods. Based in Denver, The Honest Stand focuses on using 100% all natural, non-GMO and certified organic ingredients. It offers a line of products that are made entirely without dairy. The Honest Stand was among SDR’s favorite and most innovative startups at the event.

The FoodBytes! event was a great opportunity for the SDR team to explore new and innovative concepts in the global food industry. The event presented eye-opening ideas on how companies are promoting connections throughout the food and agriculture value chain to support a sustainable ecosystem.

FoodBytes! Boulder

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