This year, the SDR Ventures team wanted to get in the holiday spirit and give back at the same time. While our team is passionate about what we do every day, we also understand that there are thousands of families struggling in the world. The team came together to donate much-needed Christmas gifts to children living in poverty, and then volunteered to help send our gifts, and thousands more, on their merry way.

Operation Christmas Child, an international relief project from Samaritan’s Purse, aims to bring hope and joy to the lives of children in third-world countries…one shoebox at a time. Throughout the fall, boxes are filled by charitable donors across the U.S. with everything from school supplies to toothbrushes, clothing and of course, toys! The SDR team (and even some of our clients) got in on the fun and filled their boxes to the brim.

SDR Volunteer Day: Operation Christmas Child - Gifts
SDR’s Christmas tree became home to the gifts before our packaging event.

SDR Volunteer Day: Operation Christmas Child - Tree
On December 10, we headed down to Operation Christmas Child’s regional packaging center in Aurora, CO. This large center had already processed over 600,000 shoeboxes this winter, with an eventual goal of 800,000. Nationwide, the nonprofit has a goal of mailing out 8.6 million shoeboxes before Christmas.

SDR Volunteer Day: Operation Christmas Child - Signs
Inspired by that goal, and picturing the children that would soon benefit from these gifts, the SDR team got to work. Our assembly line tasks included ensuring that each shoebox was completely stuffed with gifts, repairing damaged boxes, scanning shipping labels, sealing the boxes and sending them to the trucks to begin their journey. Our shoeboxes were designated for shipping to Central America.

SDR Volunteer Day: Operation Christmas Child - Working

We think it’s pretty evident the scanners had the most fun!

SDR Volunteer Day: Operation Christmas Child - Fun

Until next year, Happy Holidays from the SDR Ventures team!

SDR Volunteer Day: Operation Christmas Child - Group