On Wednesday June 16, SDR Ventures and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) joint-hosted a webinar on business valuation.

The webinar was presented in an effort to educate pet industry business owners on the keys to business value and to give actionable steps for maximizing value. Information was presented on the methods of valuating a business and how owners can best position their organizations to sell.

Chris Bouck, SDR’s pet industry expert moderated the webinar. Serving as panelists for the webinar were SDR’s Managing Director Don Van Winkle and Director Travis Conway. PIDA President, Steve King, coordinated the webinar.

PIDA is an organization devoted to development within the pet industry and to promote progress on behalf of product wholesalers and distributors. PIDA organizes programs and activities like the valuation webinar for pet industry business owners.

Attendees of the webinar were presented with the why’s? when’s? and how’s? of valuation.  Takeaways from the valuation included:

  • The 5 methods of valuing a business – specifically applied to the pet industry
  • Who the most logical buyers are for your business and how will they evaluate it?
  • How to best prepare and position your company to maximize the value when you sell
  • An overview on transaction activity in the pet industry
  • How the current economic climate has changed the value of your business