DENVER – March 2013 – SDR Ventures, a Colorado-based investment banking firm, is excited to see fresh faces in its office with a new crop of interns. Beginning in 2010, SDR created a premiere internship program that gives students hands on, real-world experience working in an investment bank.

You won’t find interns filling coffee cups or filing papers, but working shoulder to shoulder with full-time employees and company leadership. Interns are viewed as key members of the team and even participate in client meetings. Moreover, the internship offers students the opportunity to grow their network and gain industry knowledge and resources.

Working in conjunction with Suitts Center for Career Management, SDR has been recruiting from the University of Denver since the program’s inception. Faculty endorsements have been a strong recruiting technique throughout the years. “SDR provides tangible industry experiences for Daniels students that can only be obtained outside of the classroom and in business,” said Professor of Finance, Ronald Rizzuto, who has recommended two interns to the program.

SDR Ventures understands the importance of an internship to college students. According to an annual survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 50% of employers want to see an internship or co-op program on new graduate resumes. Providing students with an opportunity to not only add to their resumes but to also grow their skills is what prompted SDR to begin the program.

“We regard our relationship with SDR as a true partnership,” said Christine Riordian, Dean of the Daniels College of Business and a supporter of the internship program. “We look forward to working with them in this experiential learning opportunity for our students that is so beneficial to the University and SDR.”

SDR Ventures is one of Denver’s fastest growing Investment banks, increasing its staff by 50 percent in the past year alone. In fact, three of the new hires came from the internship program. The organization is always looking for new talent to join its team.