SDR Ventures has long believed in the value of peer learning for entrepreneurs. There is nothing that can replace what is gained by learning shoulder-to-shoulder with other business owners. This has been the basis of our Performance Exchange Groups.

Now, we are excited to announce our partnership with the Edward Lowe Foundation as a licensed facilitator of PeerSpectives, a unique peer sharing initiative. SDR is proud to be the first PeerSpectives facilitator of its kind in the Colorado market.

The Edward Lowe Foundation was created by Edward and Darlene Lowe in 1985 to champion entrepreneurialism as a key driver of the free market system. PeerSpectives is an initiative of the foundation, aimed at strengthening entrepreneurial communities through roundtable peer learning.

As a facilitator of PeerSpectives, SDR Ventures is now trained and supported by the Edward Lowe Foundation in starting and running a roundtable for 2nd stage businesses in Colorado. We envision this roundtable as an applied financial boot camp, focused on preparing CEOs to be dynamic and beneficial members of the entrepreneurial community.

Stemming from our unique operational bias, we at SDR Ventures firmly believe that CEOs with a well-grounded understanding of their company’s financial drivers will be better leaders and will ultimately enhance their company’s value and capital access. Our goals for the roundtable are significant improvement for the participating organizations, as well as preparing participants to become more valuable members of other peer sharing groups, thus furthering the goals of the Edward Lowe Foundation.

In the coming months, SDR Ventures will begin recruiting up to 12 initial members for the PeerSpectives roundtable. We are proud to be partnering with the Edward Lowe Foundation and excited to begin this one of a kind program for Colorado Businesses.