In 2011 IBM turns 100 years old, coincidentally the same year it will surpass $100 billion in sales. CEO Sam Palmisano recently gave an interview with Rich Karlgaard in Forbes magazine. Amazingly, Palmisano is only the ninth CEO in IBM history.

According to Palmisano, one of the keys to IBM’s longevity and success has been its ability to plan for the future and to drive innovation and change. Palmisano stated in the interview that IBM does not run on quarterly cycles. Instead, it uses longer term, three to five-year road maps.

Palmisano told Forbes that this has always been in the Company’s DNA. Thomas J. Watson, one of IBM’s first CEOs believed that a company must reinvent itself every ten years in order to drive the future.

We happen to agree with Watson. And in fact, SDR Ventures will be ten years old at the end of this year. So what will our roadmap be and our reinvention entail? Stay tuned to find out!

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