Positioning your company to sell well in advance of a transaction is one of the most important strategic initiatives that an owner should undertake. In a recent article, How to Get Your Company Acquired for Big Bucks, author, entrepreneur and former small business columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Mike Michalowicz summed it up like this: “Desperation isn’t attractive.”

Seven Moves Smart Companies Are MakingSeven simple steps, when executed well, can make a big difference in how your company is valued, and how smoothly a transaction will go.

Here’s a snapshot:

  1. Realize what acquirers are looking for.
  2. Know that it’s a long process.
  3. Get as many bidders involved as possible.
  4. Get an investment banker or a business broker to handle the sale with you.
  5. Profitability is key.
  6. The riches are in the niches.
  7. Make yourself dispensable.

The secret behind these steps: “These are all things you should be doing anyway—things that make your company more efficient and profitable whether you plan to sell it or not,” says Michalowicz.

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