The SDR Team has been actively involved in the supply chain technology space for some time and most recently closed a multi-entity transaction featuring two premier companies within the industry:

• SCApath – an omni-channel commerce supply chain technology integrator specializing in OMS, WMS, and TMS
• Spinnaker SCS – a supply chain design and planning technology consultant and integrator

SCApath and Spinnaker SCS have merged to create spinnakerSCA to provide end-to-end supply chain technology solutions primarily to consumer companies.

Given the dramatic disruptions in the global supply chain brought on by COVID, business owners across all industries have a renewed sense of importance towards the optimization and digitalization of their supply chain. Given the market correction in the space, SDR has identified highly promising M&A trends for companies that are operating in the supply chain technology industry. Our most recent M&A report, the “Supply Chain Technology Deep Dive” covers SDR’s recent experience working with spinnakerSCA and our market constituents. The report also features timely insights into the current economic landscape’s impact on business owners and their company’s value.

The full report is available for download below.

Supply Chain Technology Report

Download the full report by clicking here.

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