In the third quarter last year SDR asked our network if they used social media in their businesses, and the results showed that 70% of our clients and contacts use social media, with another 12% admitting that they know they should be using it (Q3 2012 Survey).

Earlier this month the Denver Business Journal posed a similar question to its readers: How valuable are social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to your business?  And the results…. 69% of DJB subscribers claim to also use social media.  The chart below shows the similarities between SDR respondents and DBJ responders.

While companies are using social media, it seems as though it is still not being seen as extremely valuable way to communicate.  It may also be that people are still trying to get the knack for how to use social media in their business.  Whatever the cause, as we have all heard, “social media is here to stay,” so we might as well jump on the band wagon and get as much use out of this communication system as we can.

There are many ways to start using social media and the first step is to sign up, get on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, and start a blog.  The next step is to share, post, comment and connect with our followers. If we share fresh and relevant information with customers they will see the value in our companies and we will eventually see the value in using social media.