Thanks to all of those that participated in this quarter’s survey, your responses contributed to the production of meaningful results.

Q3 2013 Theme – “Unsolicited Upturn”

As we have seen in reports Mergers & Acquisitions are on the rise across the lower middle market, and it seems like SDR’s clients and contacts are no exception with 79% of overall respondents indicating they have received an unsolicited offer, and 25% stating they have received unsolicited offers in the past year.

Unsolicited Acquisition Poll Results

We also discovered from our survey is that 38% of respondents who have received unsolicited offers have received them multiple times.  That means that most of our survey participants (62%) are new to the unsolicited acquisition process, which reinforces why we think it is important to know how to manage an unsolicited offer and created a blog series detailing the steps you should take if presented with an offer.

Being prepared and organized to handle an acquisition offer will help you make the right decision.