SDR Ventures Director Karl Edmunds has shared his latest insights and tips for business owners in the video interview below and in the summer edition of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine. In this interview, Karl discusses the importance of market-based business valuations, how Baby Boomer business owners can position themselves for successful business exits and the powerful effect of owners stepping out of day-to-day operations to focus on driving overall business prosperity.

Watch the 10-minute interview now >

You can also read Karl’s full length article, “A Proven No Nonsense Approach to Successfully Sell Your Business,” in the Summer 2015 edition of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Magazine by clicking here and signing up for your free digital edition of the magazine.

Article Preview: A Proven No Nonsense Approach to Successfully Sell Your Business

By Karl Edmunds

Think back for a minute to your first day of business ownership. Everything was fairly simple. Delegation was easy. Why? Because you did it all.

Over time, you were fortunate, and the business grew. New employees were added, you began to build a management team, and then the efforts to figure out all the steps from first client contact to delivery of goods and services were put in place.

But, all too often and over years of time, businesses slowly get into a rut of routine, or unplanned complacency. Management keeps doing what it has always done, and everyone is measured by this standard.