In a recent article published in Forbes magazine, author Dinesh D’Souza explores the mind and motivations of President Obama, providing explanations to some of his policies and decisions that on the surface seem to make little sense to observers on either side of the political aisle.

It is no mystery that the President has been out of touch with the business world and that his fiscal policy is one of a socialist bent. Yet beyond these predictable policies are long lists of actions that mystify many of his supporters.

Some of these policies include the support for offshore drilling in places like Brazil while continuing to denounce it here in our own coastal waters. Or why the President has directed NASA chief Charles Bolden to shift the organization’s effort from exploration and research to a focus on public relations with the Muslim world.

The reason? D’Souza suggests that President Obama is simply the son of a 1950s anti-colonialist who saw the western world as a bully profiting from the plunder of places like Asia and Africa. From the President’s perspective, we ought not to be exploring, drilling or progressing economically while leaving the rest of the world behind.

In reality and what the President fails to realize is that countries like China and India are emerging onto the world economy with never before seen vigor and strength. What we need now is leadership that will spur us on with competitive economic policies, not a tighter grip on the reigns.

President Obama is shaping up to be perhaps the most anti-business president in United States history. With the 2002 tax cuts set to expire, an imminent raise in capital gains tax and even more tax hikes on the way, business owners and entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly frustrated.

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