1H 2021 Healthcare M&A Report

The Healthcare industry sustained a shock to the system in 2020 as COVID-19 struck a direct and dramatic blow to the bottom line. The hospital sector saw outpatient revenues fall due to the pandemic and operating margins were down nearly 5% over the year, without accounting for federal assistance. Throughout the year, private equity remained active in the space, and we expect that to accelerate, however with interest rates so low and weaker players looking for a lifeline, we anticipate some bigger deals will continue to be made in 2H21. The number of deals in 2020 was down slightly, but with the added strain and costs of coping with COVID, we anticipate smaller systems and independent facilities will be looking for partnerships with larger buyers in 2021. Analysts report capital has been pouring into markets across multiple sectors this year with venture-backed companies attracting some $150 billion in just 1H21 – about 90% of the capital inflow in all of 2020 – with private equity and hedge funds playing a major role. Today, health systems shaken by a decline in patient visits and additional costs are on the mend. And we believe many of the newly learned practices seen over the pandemic, including a focus on personal care, telehealth services, and remote monitoring, are likely to continue, creating opportunities in health tech as consumers and providers seek convenience, efficiency, and savings…

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